Camille Richards is finally living her own life. She’s run out on her predestined mate Julian Jackson, ended a shallow relationship with an older man from Florida, Kevin McBride, and runs her twin brothers’ motorcycle racing team. At least it’s her life until she’s abducted by some of Damian Howard’s old guard, driven back into Julian’s arms and becomes the focus of Kevin’s unwelcome advances.

When Julian goes missing and Camille runs away to save him the Richards family realizes there is more at work than a few old men set on avenging Damian Howard. Men from her mother Anna’s past return, their motives obscured by a new power struggle in Howard’s Connecticut home.

But there are darker things lurking around the edges of the family. Evil so deep it isn’t even spoken of in whispers. Evil that won’t rest until its most precious treasures are returned and perhaps even until the death of Damian Howard is undone.
Book 4
Chronicles of Anna

Deadly Obsessions
© 2014 Elizabeth Munro all rights reserved
Contemporary fantasy

In the Works
© 2017 Elizabeth Munro all rights reserved
Rovian Descent
Science fiction romance
Rovian colonist Terra Cossatina had her perfect man, her bodyguard Victor, until she nearly killed him.  Given away by her crime boss father to Carl ‘the Scar’ Tompson in exchange for half of the Southern Dome casinos her new fiancé blackmails her.  Carl will kill her secret lover Victor unless she accepts him completely on their wedding night.  Refusing to accept her arranged marriage she goes through Carl’s friend, her lover Victor, to kill him.  Now disowned by her father for destroying his business deal and taking contracts from the scum her family used to snub just to make ends meet, she returns to Victor desperate to put the past behind her…

Handsome and deadly Victor Voss had his perfect woman until she stood next to his best friend to announce their engagement. Victor had no choice but to try and be happy for Carl and his boss’ daughter Terra if he’s to keep their past a secret.  Still healing from Terra’s deadly attack on Carl and her emotional betrayal and on the verge of the biggest deal of his life, Victor has to choose between Terra, the woman he may never forgive and turning her over to his rival in a deal which will put him at the head of her father’s crumbling empire…

Set in the twenty-sixth century, humans have lived on Earth’s sister planet for hundreds of years.  Once called Mars, her new inhabitants quickly rejected Earth’s control and renamed their new home Rovi after Rovi Singh, the quiet genius who led their rebellion.  After severing ties with Earth the new Rovians set to building a society very much like the one they were ignoring back home; schools, cities, and hospitals and crime…